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Casa Tetti Bianco

The Casa Tetti Bianco is a project of restoration of an old house in Cordova, Castiglione torinese (Turin, Italy). The couple of clients, despite the house being located in a village with difficult access, decided to restore the building and continue to spend there the summer season. The rural house had been originally built by a priest in the end of 19th century and the wooden structure presents some interesting details of the period.  We removed the less valuable accretions, uncovered the interesting hidden architecture and integrate it with contemporary elementary furniture.



Project name: Casa Tetti Bianco
Project type: Rehabilitation
Location: Cordova, Italy
Date: 2003
Project area: 230m2

Client: Private
Contractor: MA Costruzioni

Nome do projeto: Casa Tetti Bianco
Tipo de projeto: Reabilitação
Localização: Cordova, Itália
Data: 2003
Área do projeto: 230m2

Cliente: Privado
Construtor: MA Costruzioni


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