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Casa das Arvores Particulares

Casa das Árvores Particulares is a collective housing building, located in Vila Nova de Gaia, across the Douro river from the city of Porto. Abandoned for over two decades, the edifice required a complete restructuring operation.

The project is developed over four floors and its primary structure of reinforced concrete walls and pillars is in plain sight. The main façade, facing the street, will be entirely restored. The original project displays an absolutely symmetry through plans and façades. This logic is sustained as the pattern will remain identical, while proposing three typologies (studio, one-bedroom apartment and three-bedroom apartment) and five different spacial configurations.

Project name   Casa das Árvores Particulares
Project type   Rehabilitation
Location   Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Status   Under development
Project area   1507m2

Project team   Jan Matoušek, Ana Soares
Client   Private

Nome do projeto   Casa das Árvores Particulares
Tipo de projeto   Reabilitação
Localização   Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal
Status   Em desenvolvimento
Área do projeto   1507m2

Equipe do projeto   Jan Matoušek, Ana Soares
Cliente  Privado


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